Open Letter To The Wife

Good Morning To All You Beautiful Souls!

It’s been a minute I know but, If you know, you know 😀

I pop up every now and then with some meaningful shit…

This have been a burning topic for the past 10+ years from myself and my loyal followers and not forgetting the wives I’ve heard about.

I have a few married men in my life. The love of my life, one of my best friends and quite a few clients…

All with the same copy and paste or variety of their versions of the truth. Their truths that they are experiencing in their marriages. This lead me to writing my first book Scarred by Mrs S… The first of a 3 part series.

The POV from the Mistress (Scarred – Book 1)
The POV of the Wife (Deceit – Book 2)
The POV of the Husband (Decisions – Book 3).

This is the version I’ve heard…

We’ve lost our spark.
I still love her but I’m not in love with her.
We live past each other.
Yes we share a bed but there’s nothing between us.
I’ve tried everything.
We don’t communicate about anything unless its about the house or kids or some random conversation.
We are now just roommates.
If I had to ask for some kink I would be told I’m sick.
If I put my arm around her in bed at night it would either be pushed away or she’d move away from me.
We have not kissed/touched in years.
We have not been intimate in years/a long time.
I don’t know what else I can do to make her see what we’ve lost.
I whispered in her ear on Mother’s Day that I love her and received no response.
I’d probably be able to turn water to wine before I get sex or make love to her.
She’s always busy with something. Work/kids/something else.
When we are out or we have friends over no-one would know that we have lost each other somewhere in all these years of marriage…


WHAT THE FUCK!???!???!???!!!!!!

To the WIVES… Is this true? In fact. A BIGGER WTF????

I’d seriously love to have a wife’s point of view because my fuck! All you women cannot be doing the same thing BUT not all men can be complaining about the SAME FUCKING THINGS!!!!

So, when your husband comes to me for a session I hear all of it. I don’t think they were all in the same class. “Cheating husbands 101”.

Please educate me. If your husband has bought you flowers, cooks (Or buys take out from time to time), pays the bills or contributes to it, pays the bond/mortgage or contributes to it. Pays/has paid school fees. Makes sure you have a safe environment and assures you that everything is taken care of. I can only ask the following…


This IS the part where you complain about why he is cheating. This is the part where you throw your toys out of the cot and ask why this happened to you. YOU have been a good wife for all these years. YOU have given him the opportunity to pursue HIS career (Which by the way sweetheart is helping to pay for your nails etc)

I’m a divorced mom of 2 beautiful kids. I walked away from my marriage when the spark died and I had tried all the therapy, talking, reevaluating, trying everything.
For those staying in those marriages are cowards. Scared to see what’s on the other side of the fence afraid of being alone. They want their cake and they want to eat it.

It’s easier staying in a loveless marriage and guard your investment because you’ve worked so hard on your retirement. All the bullshit excuses of:

You cannot imagine a different life. (That’s because it’s easier crawling into my bed and getting your fix and go home and have hope for the new day that will come tomorrow)
You cannot leave because of the kids. (So it’s better for them to see how unhappy everyone is? It’s normal for them to be treated this way when they marry or have a partner?)
I would lose my kids. (There’s a justice system. Use it)
I would lose my friends. (If you’re even asking this question then you should reevaluate your circle of friends)
What would people think. (Fuck people. Society has fucked so many relationships already and Society is the cause of most if not all Mental Health Issues)
I’d have to start over and I’m too old. (People reinvent themselves all the time. I call bull shit)
I still love my wife but I’m not in love with her. (This is humanly not possible. You are wasting your time as well as hers.)
I’m holding on to the slight possibility that currently exists that she will come around. (If it’s been a long time that you’ve been trying then maybe come to terms with the fact that she’s fucking the pool boy and you’re paying him)

I’ve heard and seen so much over the years and I can only speak from my experiences.

I gave a someone advise the other day. This is only my suggestion.

I’m a strong believer of communication and that love cannot survive without it. Fuck the sex. Fuck the intimacy. You’re fucked without communication.

Get her into the car. No phones. No music. Just drive. In silence. If you have to drive for a couple hours with no talking about what this is about then my friend… You have your answer.

You (the husband) ask her “What are we trying to achieve in our marriage/relationship. Why have we lost the spark?”

If you cannot take/accept the answer then you have bigger fish to fry my friend as clearly YOU may be the problem.

Husbands, you have the world at your feet. The wife, the career, the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence. It deserves a shot to be fixed at ALL cost.

Wives, give him sex! Guys don’t fuck around. That is what you actually want. Be a man and admit it.

Wives, please explain what the problem is?

Does he not turn you on anymore? (Who’s turning you on then? Be honest. We are all horny ladies)
Have you lost your labido? (Call you doctor)
Are you too tired? (Call your fucking doctor. You can’t be tired all the fucking time. There’s something called the vitamin B12 shot. It will rock your/and his world!)
Is it easier to brush him off than follow through? (Have you asked yourself why? When last have you given him a blow job? I know you can! You probably gave the best BJ’s before you got married!!!!)

Ladies, your input would be greatly appreciated. Let’s fix things. Yes, I may have fewer clients but for Fuck Sake. They can’t all love me! You have no idea how lucky you are.

I wish I had what you have. The stability. The unconditional love. The arms to sleep in. The warm body in my bed. Financial security. Cooking together. Laughter over a glass of wine after we leave work at the door. I understand life happens. It is however not an excuse to be complacent then.

Remember… Wives, girlfriends, partners can always be replaced. Take care of what you have…

I love you all so much though and thank you for listening/reading!

Love Always,

Spanks, Licks, Wanks and Blows

Ms. S…

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