Is he ready?

With his knees taking strain, she drags him across the room. She stops in front of the stairs leading up to the second story where his fate awaits. A collar tightening around his neck as she pulls him toward her. His eyes stinging as pressure builds. His breathing slows. His face red as heat runs through his veins. Right there, the tension in the room weighed heavy. Was this beginning of the end for for them? Would be still be find time to be lovers? What would they be moving forward. Would she be Mistress first and Babe second?

Standing behind him, she raised her foot to his back. All he could feel was a sharp edge digging into his back. Pushing him forward, his chest tensing as he fell into the first few stairs. HIs eyes bulging not sure why she would do this to him. Cause him this pain.

In the nic of time she caught him as she tugged his collar to soften his fall. Not nearly the outcome he thought might be. She had a heart after all.

She popped the whip around his neck a few times and tears poured down his face. She licked his tears then smacked him. Hard. Again and Again. Her hand burning as his pain gave her pleasure. Releasing his neck she pushed his face against the cold tiles on the stairs. Holding on to the wall and side rails her heels dug into him pushing his chest harder and harder against the stairs. She heard him cry out. She was relentless. Her words as always was…. “Suck it up buttercup”.

His head spinning. not knowing what to do. Think. Say.

All he had to do was accept.

Was he ready?

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