My pleasure. Your pain

Be quiet. Listen. Feel. Accept. 
Watch me. Taste me. Lift your arms. 
His anticipation has increased since being able to watch. He’s not sure if he is coming or going. For the moment he’s laying there. In my pool of cum. Yes. I fucked him first. I prefer it this way. Why? What if deny him a cock orgasm but demand him to have an anal orgasm. 
The plan is to have him cum on command. 
We’re working on it. For now. He has to be content with what I give him. He’s like me to take it further. It’s like he wants to get to the end point quicker. 
That’s no fun. I’d like to take my time. Thank you very much. Tape tied around his neck, twisted around his arms held up then tied to his cock. More tape around his cock tied to his ankles. Yes. This is how he should be. Bound. 
All he can do is watch. Watch me fuck his painful cock. My pleasure in his pain. 

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