Dedication to Nelson Mandela Invictus by William Ernest Henley

To my Madiba. The father or our great nation. We love you…

Thank you to his family for sharing him with us.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Rest in peace Tata Madiba

SCARRED coming soon!

Hey Sexies!!!

Howzit hanging???

Hopefully nothings hanging and everything is still on the up & UP!!!

The launch of my first book SCARRED has been a MAJOR pain up my arse!!!
I’m hoping to post the cover soon!

I have to thank my twitter followers who have kept my blog from dying a slow and painful death while I was on vacation.

I will Lick each of you individually 😉

So… Hopefully SCARRED will be uploaded to Amazon & Smashwords this week. (Keeping fingers crossed)

Paperbacks are available on request and will be available in certain stores. (South Africa only, for now!!!)

My fingers are freezing so no more fucking typing!

#SPANKS #LICKS #WANKS & #BLOWS till next time!

Smooches XXX

Mrs. S…

CCTV by Guest Blogger

There are a lot of mundane jobs in the world, but security monitoring must rank highly among those. However there are perks to every job however scarce they may be. This is a story of one of the few times we had some fun.
We normally cover special events with a double crew. This was no exception. I was working with Sonia, and man was she hot. Great curves, awesome personality and clever. It’s a high profile gig so we get the best operators to monitor the cameras. The guests all arrived in their swanky Ferrari’s and Bentley’s driven by chauffeurs, all trying to prove that their cocks are bigger than the guy next to him. His escort is hotter than his buddies. Cheapskate shallow idiots…
Usually we’re quite casual in the control room but and this case was no exception, Sonia had a tight blue shirt and her usual push-up bra with blue jeans. I imagine that the bra is a 32C. We’re casually watching the cameras checking for suspicious activity. As usual there’s a pick pocket or two looking to make a quick buck off the guests but there’s nothing really exciting to write home about.
Late in the evening the guests are thinning out and the ones that are left are starting to feel the effects of the booze, some more in control than others.
Then I notice one of the “escorts” (they must be escorts) getting very comfortable with a guest. He’s the usual playboy, talk dark and handsome (punk). It’s not obvious but when you’re trained to pick up these types of things you notice that hand movements here, the hip movements there, the arm around the shoulders… *Mental note* keep an eye on her…
I mention to Sonia and she says she’ll keep an eye on her as well… huh? What did she say? That wasn’t how she would normally speak?!?! I turn around and I see her blush. I notice her nipples are standing up… Wow, fuck she’s gorgeous… Down boy! Focus…
I watch them and see her whisper something into his ear as he’s sipping his whisky. They get up and move outside. We monitor them as they move through cameras, lobby, lifts… Little do they know we have cameras in the lifts as well. She’s all over him and he’s not exactly saying no…
I mention to Sonia and she says yep, she’s on to it.
They end up on the viewing platform on the roof, at they fall out the elevator she has her breasts open and he’s sucking on them. My hand by reflex adjusts my cock, it’s going hard at the sight… I turn to Sonia to see her doing the same. She looks at me and says seductively, “Tom I think you should see this, come here”… I get up and she takes off her top. “Fuck it got hot in here suddenly”. I reach her desk and lean over her chair. She takes make hand and gently puts it on her breast. HELLO WOODY!
“Tom, please don’t go anywhere”, I’m like hell no.
The escort is obviously a pro because she’s sucking the guest like it’s her last meal. I feel Sonia slowly zip down my pants to gently jiggle my ball sack. She swivels around and in one easy gulp inhales my hard throbbing cock… O M F G! Where the fuck did that come from! I think the guest is thinking the same thing…
She bobs up and down on my member like it’s she’s a kid sucking her favourite lollipop… I pop off her bra to expose her delectable titties, pert round and ready to be sucked.
She leans back and slips off her jeans, gesturing for me to do the same. She lies back and opens her legs to expose her wet lacy panties. Holy fuck that is one hot body! I slip her panty to one side to expose her other lady lips. Peeking out from under the drenched wet lips is a clit waiting to be sucked. I can’t resist sucking a clit, making her hard and aching to be fucked. I take my finger and slide it into her pussy, little drops of white nectar cover my skin. I pull out my finger and use my other hand. I take my juice soaked finger and rim her bumhole. I can feel how she’s squirming under my chin, thrusting her pussy into my mouth. Gently, carefully I slide my finger into her ass. So tight. I can feel my other finger through her insides, she’s so wet I have no problem double fucking her pussy and ass while licking her clit. Her hips rock forwards and backwards eventually I feel the contractions in her pussy and ass and I know that must have been one mother fucker of an orgasm…
We stand up and she lifts her legs, “oh Tom fuck me now you horn dog”.
I grab her ankles lift her legs and find my way inside her honey hole…
We fuck while the escort is dancing the funky chicken on the viewing platform. She’s bending over and he’s pistoning her ass…
Sonia turns over to watch and I take her from behind. Grabbing her hips and hair I tug at her and she fucks me back.
We watch as the guest pulls out his cock and motions for the escort to suck his cock. She’s a true pro as she takes him in, wanking the base of his cock until explodes in his mouth.
Sonia is like a rabid animal, carnal, filled with lust. Her hands grab mind and put them on her breast she pinches her other nipple and squats on my cock. It’s wild and manic! FUUUUUCK!
I grab her stomach with my other hand and tame the beast. But there is no taming this sexual animal. She fucks me and I feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, uncontrollably she bucks her hips edging me to pure orgasmic joy.
It’s too much to handle, I can’t help it, and I blow my load into her pussy… She sticks her fingers in and sucks my man juices.
We notice that the guest and the escort must have left because they are no longer on the viewing platform. Hope to hell they haven’t gotten up to no good, but at this point I couldn’t give a fuck!
Sonia has the most devious of smiles. “Tom, you’ve been a naughty boy, speak of this again and I will cut off that lovely cock understand?” Will I talk of this again? Not a snowballs hope in hell! This goes with me to the grave… 😉

Or my blog!!! Hahahahahaha

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Where is Mrs_Smut

Hey Dudes & Dudettes…

I’ve received so many emails asking what happened to Mrs Smut!

Well… I’m on vacation. I needed a time out before the book launch. I miss and love you all! I’m really sorry there was no warning! I didn’t even get a fucking warning either!!!

I promise to be back soon!!!



Spanks, Licks, Wanks & Blows till next time!!!

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My Facebook Page!

Hey Babes and Babettes!!!

I’m finally on Facebook! Yeah most of you are like ‘ WTF?’

Yeah fuck you too!!! Whatever…zzzzzzzz

I just didn’t have the time!!!

However, I have to give Adriane #Spanks #Licks #SpecialWanks #Blows for setting this up for me!!!

Proof that my followers fucking care!!!! 😛

I loves ya sexy! Now for the hard work I guess! I always got irritated with people who asked me to like their page. So, I won’t ask you to like my page.

Ok ok… Just go fucking like my page!!!!
Mmmm maybe I should bribe your asses?

If you like my page I’ll send you a teaser to my book which I’m hoping to publish in May! And I said Fucking >>>>> HOPING!!!! Don’t give me shit if its not done yet!

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Smooches XXX

Mrs Smut

Response to My MAC Moment!! Guest Blogger @rags_jay (follow him on twitter!)

Man I think holding somebody in the shower and playing with them must rank up there as one of the series things you can do…

Holding your breasts, toying with your nipples, solid fingers tracing a line of water down your chest, just holding you, hand over your mound cupping the hot water, pussy juice and shower water blending with the Pre – cum from a hard cock nestled between your checks, throbbing against you’re anus… still clutching you, head on my shoulders.

Your pussy is dripping, aching to be filled…

Your anus is tingling at the anticipation of what is about to happen, yet you long for the comforting embrace, strong warm arms to engulf your insecurity and appease your inner turmoil… you are living in this moment and you want it to last forever…

You bend over slightly to present your swollen pussy to my throbbing cock, there is a meeting of sorts, a carnal kiss between our innermost sexuality. Your pussy lips tug at my fore skin pulling at it to expose my swollen head.

Gently in a mix of slippery juices and hot water I penetrate your inner being…

You push back hard to engulf him in a sweet slippery you…

You bend over a little more and the hot water runs down your back, over your ass and flows around my cock to form a river off your clit… warm and delicious like it was coming from deep inside your womanhood.

My fingers tease your shoulders down to your back all the way to your ass. Slowly my thumb traces circles around your anus. Teasing it while you control the thrusting of your hips… I feel how the muscles relax just enough for my thumb to slip in. I don’t need to do anything because you realise it as well and impale your ass on my thumb… the sensation of cock in pussy and thumb in ass is overwhelming.
You scream and fuck me back… I feel your sweet nectar passing against my cock.

Your body goes limp, held up by my DP..
My other hand holds you and I fuck you harder

Pussy juice.
Wet hair
All wash thorough your bliss full state of mind…
You feel it building, it starts in your fingers, ticking the still cold walls of the shower. Building to your shoulders, through your neck down your back and climaxing with a full body explosion in your pussy.

I feel your pussy throbbing and I pull out, keeping my thumb in place prolonging the earth shattering full body orgasm… you shower my face with your sweet warm nectar

Your body is convulsing with pure bliss… and I just hold you… fucking you to this point turns me on in ways I can’t fathom..

We wait for the ebb and flow of your orgasm to wash through your body

When it’s done you turn around and take my fullness into your mouth… me arousal is so strong that it doesn’t take much for me to shower you with my man juices… you drink them like a post organic cocktail, savouring the saltiness… you stand up and we embrace… letting the shower cool our heat…

That Moment ©

I want you to know what I’m thinking and feeling when I have my MAC Moment. I’ll do my very best to describe every sensation.

I open the shower door. My skin tingles as the steam hits me. I smile… Knowing that you and my imagination is one hell of a cocktail. The thought of you, with me having a MAC Moment is my ultimate fantasy babe.

I hear ‘Fall at your feet – Crowded House’ playing. I drop my towel. My nipples are extra sensitive. As the towel grazes my nipples I feel them getting harder. Almost painful. But… There’s pleasure in pain. And with you inflicting that ache between my legs… That ache… God that ache has been ever present for a long time now babe.

My naked body calls for you to caress every part of it. I want you to soothe that ache.

Stepping into the shower I feel the lite drizzle of the jets from every wall connect with every part of my craving anatomy. I close my eyes as the setting changes to a subtle and more steady flow. The water streams down my face. As the heat flows from my head to toes… The heat is so inviting. The most beautiful sensation.

It calms me.

I move my hands to my breasts. My breasts feel fuller the more turned on I get. You turn me on babe. I imagine they are your hands.

I imagine you’re behind me. Moving my hair from my shoulders. I feel your soft kisses on my neck moving down to my shoulder as you glide your fingers over my nipples. It sends the most amazing sensation through my body. I feel your chest against my back. Your strong arms comfort me.

I feel you getting harder against my ass. The shower setting changes again to mist. Its like standing in a sauna. The heat mixed with your presence makes my heart beat faster. I try pacing my breathing to an even rhythm. The harder I try the more my pussy aches for you. Craving you to penetrate me. For slow deep strokes. For your hard cock to be buried deep inside me. To hit my sweet spot. To help me find my release.

You turn me to face you. My back resting against the wall. My eyes feel heavy. I struggle to open them. My hands take over rubbing my breasts as your hands start moving down my thighs. You lift my left leg around your waist. Your left hand teasing my pussy. Your fingers moving slowly around my clit. The ache becomes more intense.

I feel the head of your cock pushing against my pussy.

This moment…

This very moment…

Is what I want…

My MAC Moment…


What dreams are made of ©

You said you loved watching me sleep. You said I looked so peaceful.

If only…

If only you knew of the nightmares I’m having. If only you could catch a glimpse of how real those nightmares really are.

My fears are real. They haunt me. The fear of never seeing your face again. The fear of this ending. The fear that I might never feel your touch again.

Most nights my dreams are filled with heated sex. You pounding into me. Me screaming your name as that orgasmic heat flows through me. Just the thought of you still melts me.

Some nights I dream of you holding me. I can hear your heart beat. I feel its subtle movements on my cheek as I lay on your chest. Your cologne filling the room with its sweet scent.

In reality…

I might never have you even though I want you so badly. It hurts not hearing your voice. My heart aches at the thought of losing you. But this is reality…

I guess I should probably let go. I don’t know how. But I need to…

They say life will go on and I guess it will. Although life without you would be unbearable babe. You are my touch of ‘What dreams are made of’.

Why can’t I have you? Maybe in another life time?

Maybe not…

Why is it so hard? Maybe if I hadn’t let my heart go. Maybe if I hadn’t heard your voice. Maybe if I didn’t know what you looked like.


You ask why you???

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Could be our connection. Could be you touch my soul. Could be you’ve touched heart.

I’m scared babe…

I’m scared I might wake up one morning and I’ve lost you forever.

What I want… ©

My heart is breaking. I want to call you. I want to text you. I want you to know this is torture. I want you to be part of me. I want you to hold me. I want you to try. I want you so bad it hurts.

I told you months ago I’m scared. That I was afraid of feeling something more. That I was afraid my emotions will get the better of me. I think its over.

But I want you to stay. I want you to go. I want to be with you. I want you to want me.

I know its over. It ended a long time ago. I know… I was holding on to nothing. That’s what this is now… Nothing.

I want this so bad. I needed this to work! I want this to end. You’ve been part of me for so long. I don’t want you to go.

I wait for your Good Nights but they don’t come. I’ve told you not to send them but I still wait… Hoping they’ll still come… I wait for your Good Mornings. When they come my heart does somersaults.

I long to hear your voice everyday. I yearn for your touch. My heart is breaking…

The pain…
I need it to go away.

I want it to end. I want us to work. I want you to understand that I need you in my life. I’m broken without you. This is not how it was supposed to be.

I want to be close to you. I want to hear you breathe. I want to smell you. I want to touch your face. I want to feel your warmth. I want to hear you say my name. I want you inside me. I want you to hold me in your arms and feel your lips against mine. I want you to tell me everything will be ok.

I want to hear those words…

I want you too…

Big Black Cock

Author: I. M. Telling

Raw, intense, very graphic. This is how I.M Telling writes. Even though I know what the story line was about, there was an unexpected twist! And I fucking loved. Didn’t see it coming! They say once you go black….


Then there was Clearine!!!

Alex was a horny fucker. His life revolved around sex, sex, and more sex. He’ll take it any way he can get it. With in reason of course. With a new receptionist he is shocked to see Clearine sitting at the reception desk. And being black?!

Besides all his other sexcapades he really wanted to get into her panties.

No…. I won’t tell you what happened. But if your looking to get your knickers wet and quick, Read Big Black Cock by I. M. Telling.

I’ve given him 5 WET stars!

Smooches xxx

Mrs Smut

Imagine Me… ©

Me: Where are you now?
Him: At my desk trying to get some work done. Quite a difficult task though.
Me: Why babe?
Him: Because of you. You’re very distracting babe.
Me: Good distraction?
Him: Always babe… Wish you were here…
Me: But I am… I’m right behind you. Can you feel me running my fingers through your hair? My hands moving down your face to your shoulders…

Imagine my hands slowly tracing down your strong arms. I spin your chair around. You’re facing me now. There’s eye contact and I greet you with a wink and a smile. I steady myself with the arms of your chair, lowering my head to touch yours. Your eyes are closed as you take in my scent. You haven’t made a move to touch me yet as this is all part of our little game.

I place one hand under your chin. Lifting your face. I want you to look at me. The other hand now moving down your chest. Brushing your nipple ever so slightly. I need to taste it. But for now… I have to make myself wait… And take my time pleasing you.

I move your legs apart. You’re smiling at me now. You know me so well. You know what my intentions are. You know I want to taste you.

I’m down on my knees babe… I unbutton those jeans you wear so well… God I love those jeans on you.

Undoing each button is like opening a Christmas present! I can’t wait to get in there. What has Santa brought me this year?!

I slide one hand into your jeans… Slowly making my way past your boxers.

My hand now tenderly holding your cock. You make the most erotic sound showing me this is what you want. What you’ve been waiting for.

Your cock is so warm. I want it buried deep inside me. I want you to show me everything you’d like to do to me with it… But for now… I have to have you in my mouth. My thirst for your warm cum shooting down my throat is what I’ve been craving for.

As I release you from your boxers, I inhale. My heart skips a beat.

Your cock twitches in my hand and immediately I’m filled with excitement.

I’m stroking you know. First with one hand… My other hand, caressing your balls. I’m kissing them with soft subtle kisses. I’m moving my tongue up your shaft. I feel your hands in my long dark hair. Fuck… You have know idea how much I need this.

You wrap my hair around your one hand, pulling it back. Lifting my face up to look at you.

Him: Fuck babe… You’re so fucking gorgeous… Simply delicious babe.

You release the tension and my head drops back down. Opening my mouth I take you in… All the way.

Him: Fuck babe. You’re killing me!

I feel my lips brush up against your balls. I release your cock inch by inch. Sliding my tongue all the way up to the tip of your head. My tongue circling around your head. Teasing you. I feel you throbbing in my hand. While still caressing your balls I take you back into my mouth, but this time only half way. Again I slowly release you while sucking. Your cock pops out of my mouth. Moving my head down to your balls I start licking and sucking on one while I’m stroking your cock. I show equal attention to other too! I move my other hand past your balls sliding my finger toward your anus. Moving my finger back and forth… I feel you slide down your chair… Just enough to give me access. Moving my head back up to your cock I start sucking your head. Faster and faster and in one quick move I have you deep inside my mouth. Your cock pressing up against the back of my throat. I take you in and out. Movements become faster, sucking becomes harder…

With my mouth filled, your hands still in my hair… setting the pace. My hand teasing your balls and anus. I push one finger in and the most beautiful sound escapes your lips.

My name…

And as you say my name once more, I remove my finger and give you a few quick licks around your head. Making my way down your shaft once more, I feel your warm cum filling my mouth. Your cum dripping down my chin. I release you so that I can swallow but before I can get all down, you pull my head forward and make me take you all in again.

I love you fucking my mouth.
I love your hands in my hair… Taking control.
I love feeling your cum flowing down my throat.
I love having this contact with you

I love you being in my head babe… Coz for now… That’s where you live…
If only for a while…
If only in this fantasy…

Rules of the Game

Mrs X has been enjoying her new found smutty side! She’s been out and about enjoying life and has most certainly added much needed fireworks to her vanilla.

She’s mastered the art of playing with herself!!!
When she cums… She cums HARD! She’s found her inner slut… And it seems that THAT bitch has abso-fucking-lutely no intention of leaving!

Shes enjoying getting to know every part of her anatomy too!

She has discovered sexting!!! OMFG! She’s enjoyed every moment too! Yes…. ENJOYED! Sadly it’s over but a few lessons were learnt in the process.

Your time with him/her while sexting is limited. Make every second count!!!
And like Mrs X, emotions got involved. Waiting for that text is fucking torture. Checking you’re phone ten millions times a day is fucking crazy but hey… That’s what happens.

Wanting to play when him/her can’t is another fucking issue.

Time zones? Don’t get me started!

It’s insane how much time you actually spend thinking about that person when what you have isn’t even REAL!

Yeah it’s a fantasy…
Total Craziness!!!

But you enjoy the attention you receive and that’s what makes it appealing.

You share things…

Intimate thoughts & feelings which would most probably never become a reality.


1. Are you actually compatible? I mean… You talk about sex or let me rephrase…. You talk about fucking and what you want to do each other. But is he or she actually a good fuck?
Given the opportunity, would you be able to fulfil your fantasies?

My opinion. I DON’T KNOW!

2. Would you be insanely happy waking up next to that person for the rest of your life?
Yeah maybe you’ve seen pics of him or her but in reality looks could be very deceiving.

My opinion. I DON’T KNOW!!!

3. How do you not get caught up in the emotional roller coaster that comes with ‘THIS’?

My opinion. I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!!!

4. If given the opportunity to meet and get the answers to all of the above… Would you take it?

My opinion. Please see 1, 2 & 3…

Now you might ask, ‘What do you fucking know’ ?

I could say ‘ I don’t know’ but you’ll just get very pissed off with me…

So… Here goes… And by the way, I should have to remind you that this is my personal fucking opinion so dude please… Don’t give me shit about it!!!

Enjoy every moment coz it could end tomorrow. Don’t get emotionally attached. Ok I’m talking shit. How the fuck can’t you?! You’re not dead!!! But how do you try and control your feelings? I don’t know!


When you find out… LET ME KNOW!

I’m the type… We fuck, then you fuck off. But hey that’s just me… Mrs X might want a cuddle after…

Sexting is HARD work… Don’t excuse the pun.
Whoever started it should be shot! What a cunt! To get us women all caught up in fantasies that fuck you up majorly!

Don’t wait for that next text.
Stop checking your phone!
No… Your software doesn’t need upgrading, your battery is fully charged and no, your phone doesn’t need rebooting! That imaginary text didn’t get lost in transit!


You are just a fantasy remember…

Stop feeling like you’re the only one! Coz…. Sorry to burst your bubble… You are probably not!!!

He or she might have a partner. Then there’s the kids too!

Your time with him or her is limited to a measly (estimation) 1 hour a day! So no… You don’t chat ALL day. Your time is broken up into 5 minute intervals probably.

I cannot give you advice. Only share my opinion coz I DON’T KNOW!!!

Sexting… The most awesome experience and the most frustratingly torturous ride of your life!


Mrs Smut

Smooches xxx

Broken ©

Here I am… Emotions clouding my judgement. I have to do this. I have to tell him how I feel. I have to tell him how much I miss him. I know we could never be together. I know he will never leave his wife and I’m not about to ask him to either.

Yes we FUCK!!
And man does he fuck me good. But that’s not what relationships are made of.

Yes we talk. But seen as though our time together is limited, there isn’t much to say to each other.

I seriously want him to fuck me right now. I want him to push me down onto this bed. I want him to rip the towel from my body and FUCK ME!!!

I want him to take my breasts into his mouth. Suck on my hard nipples. I want him to slide his fingers along my wet folds. Caressing my clit slowly…

I want him to FUCK ME!!!!

I want him to spread my legs. Wrap them around his waist as he pulls my hair back. Exposing my neck for him to devour.


Shouldn’t he just leave?!

Shouldn’t I just show him the door?

Why does he have this effect on me?

Never has a man touched me like he does. Fuck me like he does.
Never has a man made me feel so sexy.

His voice melts me. His cologne breaks me.

He is what fantasies are of!


I need him between my legs. I need him inside me. I need him to tell me how good I make him feel.

I need to make a decision…

Tears still running down my cheeks…

And I say ” I have never felt this close to anyone before. I have never wanted someone this much before. Your touch means everything to me. As much as I hate to admit it. I’ve developed feelings for you I shouldn’t have. I’m fucking obsessed with you!”

He hasn’t taken his eyes off me. It’s like his hanging onto my every word.

” Babe… You have to understand that this decision has come at the cost of my heart. I will not ask you to leave her. I will not ask you to choose and I refuse to be the cause of her pain. I will always want you. I will always crave you. I will always wonder about the what ifs, however I think this is for the best. I cannot wait for your calls to hear your voice. I refuse to assume you’re thinking about me. I refuse to assume you’re missing me. I refuse to give my heart and you have no intention of reciprocating. So… Before I fall in love with you… Allow me rip my heart from my chest and tear it up into a million little pieces as I have allowed this to happen.

I could offer you so much more but YOU need to make that choice. I’d need to know if you want me for me or what I have to offer? You need to tell me what YOU want from me. You need to be honest with me.”

I released his face. Broke eye contact. As I dropped my head, my tears were the only thing consoling me.

As he got to feet. I sensed it was over…

All I wanted…

All I ever really wanted, was for him to hold me and tell me how much he wanted me.

Charming Man Wants You!

Our friend and fellow writer, Charming Man, has put out a call for all you Sexy Ladies out there to send him your best shots of you posing as Ariana!

Now let me reiterate BEST SHOTS people…. please!!! Don’t waste the dudes time… He still needs to get The Hitcher out so time is of the essence.

And so help me God if you haven’t read Ariana yet! But hey, no worries! I’ll fucking spoon feed you with a link to go download it now!

Go here: Ariana
Ok now that you’ve got your shit together…

I need you to remember a few things…

Charming Man might be a panty wetter, panty dropper and fucking ….Ahem… (Well in my eyes)

He is NO Mrs Smut!!! He runs a clean ship, except for his writing of course.

So, keep it clean. It’s all in the name of good clean fun!!!

Get out your school uniforms! If they don’t fit, go hire one! And if you really must, there’s something called photoshop to hide your face or use a mask as my good friend Madame Mischief will most probably be doing!

Once Charming Man has received 10 or more pics, he will post them on his blog.

Send your pics to :

Doing this task is very VERY difficult but I’ll do my BEST! Keeping it Un-Smutty!

Check out his site:

Decisions ©

I need to have my head checked. Wish I could get my heart checked too!

All these emotions bottled up for so long. Do I tell him to go? Should I ask him to stay? I don’t know what to do! Fucking Hell!!!

If he stays… Will I be able to continue ‘this’? Coz that’s all it really is right??

Fucking ‘THIS’…

Its not a relationship. Its not love.

‘This’ is an Obsession. Infatuation. Lust. A Fantasy that has wreaked havoc on my Fucking heart!

I only have myself to blame. All these thoughts whirling around in my mind.

I have to make a decision.

If I’m honest with myself, I know he’ll never leave her for me. If I’m honest with myself, he’ll never truly be MINE.

I see his impatience as he’s standing there. Waiting for me to make my move. To take his hand. Water still pouring over me. Tears flowing. I’m curled up on my shower floor. I’m must look so fucking pathetic. Just sitting there. Sobbing. I can’t move. I’m too scared to say anything. Too scared to say how I really feel.

I want him so bad. I don’t want him to go. I want him to leave her. I want him with me… Always.

If I take his hand. He’ll fuck me. Tell me things I want to hear. Then he’ll leave. Go home. Back to HER.

I hate that she’s waiting for him. Her hands all over him. Fucking him.

God I’m driving myself insane!

I have a decision to make…

I will my legs to hold me up as I lift myself from the cold floor. Turning the water off. I’m suddenly cold. My heart pounding.

He says nothing…

I towel my face dry but my tears just won’t stop. He sees my pain. He motions me to the door. Wraps me in a towel and sits me down on my bed.

He lifts my chin. Wanting me to look him in the eyes. Looking at him. His face…


He says, “Oh Babe…”

His voice melts me…

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No-one was supposed to get hurt.

Here goes I tell myself…

I place my hands on his face as he kneels before me.

I my move my head closer to his. My head against his. I close my eyes. Tears still running down my cheeks…

And I say “…….

Shattered ©

Standing in my shower. Water running down my back. I’ve never felt so alone.

He’s left me to be with her. Fuck! How did I get into this mess?! Why do I feel so used?
I knew he was married…
I knew, that every fucking night, when I got into my bed alone… He got into bed with her.

I’m thinking of him as I caress my breasts…

I’m thinking of him as I move one hand down to my aching pussy. I swear to God I can feel my rapid heart beat down there!

How could I be so obsessed with someone I could never have! This is fucking insane!!!

I feel my warmth on my hand as I start stroking my cunt. It turns me on knowing that he enjoys watching me play with myself. I imagine he’s with me here… Now.

I wish he was here…

Tugging at my nipple I feel sensations between my legs I cannot describe. My pussy aches for him. All the things he did to me in that dark alley. His lips on me. His hand holding my wrists. His hard throbbing cock thrusting in and out of me.

I give one long slow stroke up my slit. Circling my clit… My pussy feels as if it wants to explode! A few more strokes…

I start with 2 fingers…

He’s probably fucking her now… FUCK!!!

3 fingers…

I still want him…

Pressing down on my clit and rubbing, I feel I’m close. I thrust 3 fingers back inside. I continue rubbing my clit as I move my fingers back and forth with greed. Fucking myself with immense hunger. I feel the build up as I push up against the wall. Trying to hold myself up. My legs want to give in as this sweet sensation runs through my body.

There’s a faint smell of his cologne… I explode!!!

My sweet honey roll down my legs… Evidence of what this man does to me.

With one hand against the shower wall. My head drops down as if in shame for what I’ve done.

The tears run down my face…

My heart is shattered. I could never have him. She is his comfort zone and I will always be… His fantasy.

What was I thinking…

All I can do is wish he’ll make contact…
Hope that he’s thinking of me…

I’ve never felt this lost.
What the fuck do I do?

His scent becomes stronger. It must be my imagination, willing him to be here.

I lift my head. My tears still flowing. My heart skips a beat.

There he is… His arms open, reaching for me.

But then, I remind myself…

Even with all the promises he’s made. I will always be ‘The Other Woman’.

Take Me Now continues… ©

I heard the words I’ve been longing to hear… His breath on my skin… The memory of ‘Our First Touch’ came back to me as my body quivered in his strong arms. I tilted my head to the side…

And there she was…

I know its her. She was standing there watching… Watching her man fuck me in this dark alley. To her it must have been a cold unforgiving nightmare… To see the man she loves fuck me with the passion she craved for.

To me it was a warm and comforting thought… That this man wanted MY warm delicious cunt.

Watching her, standing there, lifeless. She didn’t move. She just stared as he pounded every inch of him into my wet pussy… My body oozing pleasure from his touch.

It turned me on knowing she wanted to be fucked like this…

To be me…

It turned me on that she watched his every move…

My clit ached to be teased… My breasts swelled with every stroke.

‘Oh God I’m cumming’ I moaned. I heard her take a deep breath when I screamed his name!

He turned his head…

He saw her…

Standing there, motionless…

He didn’t stop.

I felt his cock throb and twitch inside my swollen cunt. The strokes became harder, deeper and more urgent. I felt myself fall apart as I came.

He was right there with me… Cumming HARD and DEEP.

My name fell from his lips as he placed his head in my neck. He tried to catch his breath. I could feel his heart pounding on my back.

Then he said…

‘Babe… You’ll always be mine… I WILL find you… So, know this… We will finish this… I want the taste of your pussy on my lips forever’

From my heart to yours

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past 3 months.

Yes, that’s how old my fucking blog is! Can you fucking believe it!

Thanks for your comments, likes, follows, emails and calls…

I’ve had a blast with you all and I hope to keep you all Cuming back for MORE!

You’ve fuelled my imagination and given me the courage to be the fucking Queen of Smut! Yes! I am the fucking Queen so don’t even try and argue that fact!!!

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and I’ve even cried with some of you…

2012 has been an awesome year. With all its UPs and downs. I’ve gone through good times and bad… (Seriously fucking bad)
I’ve gone through love & lust and heartbreak too! ( If you’re clever enough, you’ll be able to see where I’m going with that)

But best of all…

I’ve met all of YOU fuckers and you’re the bane of Mrs_Smut’s existence!!!

I can assure you that this Bitch has a heart and I too carry my heart on my sleeve. That’s why tattoo’d my kids names on my wrists. A 30th birthday gift to myself.

That was totally off the fucking point… Random… Fucking Arb!

Anyhoo… I want to wish you all well for the Cuming of 20-Fucking-13!!!

Love hard
Play wisely (don’t get caught)
Fuck every moment you can
Give to others (including head)

And remember…

Money cannot by happiness… Or even bring you close to what you want.

So when I say a Prosperous New Year to all…

I actually mean that I want you to receive HapPenis, Joy, Love & Fucks…

Finish that book, continue with your blogs, and do what you do best!

Smooches to you all!

Spanks, Licks, Wanks & Blows for 2013!!!



Take Me Now ©

I’m pushed up against a wall. The alley is dark… We’re alone. I smell your scent. Could it be you?

My wrists are aching. The grip is too tight. I’m too scared to make a sound. Is it for fear it might be you? I don’t want you to stop! Is for fear that it might not be you?

God! I don’t know!!!

My face pressed up against this cold brick wall… I want to see if its you…

The more I struggle the tight the grip.
My hair is pulled back… Hard. It hurts buts there pleasure in pain too. Not a word is said. There’s silence… Only thing I can hear is heavy breathing… Its sounds familiar. I want it to be you. I want to hear your voice…

My dress is was pulled up by force. My wet panties ripped from my body. I hear a belt, a zip…


A hand on my back pushing me harder against this wall. A hand lifting my ass back.

I loose my breath as I’m being penetrated by force… I’m filled… I feel a hand on my face and I know this touch…

Moving my hair from my face… I hear a whisper…

‘Babe… Its me… I’m taking what I want, what I need, something only you can give me’

You’re my Fantasy ©

I’ve waited for the longest time to touch your face… To look into your eyes… To taste your lips…

I’ve waited for forever to smell your Cologne… To hold you in my arms… To have your warm embrace surround me…

I’ve waited for eternity for your body to claim mine… To take me from here into ecstasy… To replace this fantasy with reality…

And yet…

You feel so close…
But we’re miles apart.

CUMing for You… ©

Slowly, with a firm grip and a gentle squeeze, you wrapped your hand around your cock, looked into my eyes and played with yourself while I watch. I devour every move you make.

As I walk toward you, you sense my need for the same attention.

With your free hand you turn me to face the mirror. From behind me, you watch as my hand goes into my already damp panties. My head tilts back as you stroke my long black hair. I moan in pleasure as I slip one finger inside my cunt.

I feel you moving, stroking your cock back and forth making me squirm. I arch my back as I bend forward wanting you to take me now. You keep teasing me as you stroke yourself harder and faster. With 2 fingers this time I go deeper. Wanting MORE! You push me forward as you cum on my naked back. This arouses me even more. And yes, I love MORE! Using my cum as lube, you slowly slip one finger into my ass…

Then two…

I moved my ass back as you pushed forward.

Prolonging my orgasm you removed your fingers…

Trying to turn myself around, you held my waist in position. Taking both my hands, holding them by the wrists, you kissed the back of my neck.

Teasing me as only you know how… With one hand you wrapped my hair around your fist, still hold my wrists with the other.

You whispered…

‘I am going to take every drop you have to offer. My name is all I want to hear coming from those delicious lips.’

You lower your voice even more, then said… ‘Babe, you WILL anticipated my every move…’

And as you eased my head forward, all I could do was look into the mirror. Look into your eyes as you slowly entered my ass. I moaned as heat travelled through my body. You released my wrists and took one breast into your hand. Squeezing and teasing my nipple you let go and place the palm of you hand on my back…


Releasing my hair, you moved your hand down my back, holding my waist now with both hands…

Moving your hands to my thighs, spreading them. As you penetrated, you pressed down on my clit. Taking me into ecstasy. My cunt felt as if it would combust.
You stroked my clit and I felt my climax nearing. With every stroke you gave me, I wanted more.

I screamed your name…

You demanded me to cum.


And as if permission was given, my body gave in to you… As I came, your climax followed when you heard me cry out your name, once again, coming from these delicious lips of mine…

And right there…
I fell apart in your arms…

Fuck me vs Make love to me: 2 ©

This evening my bed is a lonely place. This evening my heart is an empty vessel, but as I lay here with just my thoughts, your the only thing that gets my heart racing.

I feel your presence here with me now as I close my eyes in this already dark room.

I feel you pressed up against my back and I KNOW there’s no place I’d rather be. Your touch on my skin pierces through any facade I try to hold on to.

Your kiss on my shoulder calms every haunting thought.

Your hand travels down to my sex and it gives my body the warmth it craves.

Every touch embraces my soul. Every kiss brings new life into me. As you gently pull me closer, I feel your need.

Your head buried in my hair.
Your whispers in my ear. Your heat penetrating in me & through me bringing new meaning to what I’ve always wanted.


What I have to have.


What I’ve longed for.


With every ounce of me THIS is what I need.

Fuck me vs Make love to me: 1 ©

Hey All You Smut Lovers!!!

Long time no blogging… LOL

I know I’ve been out of action for a while… What can I say… I’ve been TIED up 😉

This post was requested by the infamous Ms_X. She nagged, bitched & fucking moaned!!!

I guess its my fault. I HAVE been trying to get her to embrace her inner goddess.

I can now officially say, welcome to MY world Ms_X ;)xxx

So, let’s get DOWN to the business of fucking then.

As previously mentioned (Don’t ask which Post… Go fucking look for it!) every woman has a fantasy that needs to be fulfilled. Your man (if you have one) should aspire to be the one to fulfil it.

We all know that ain’t gonna happen!
(My personal opinion)

There IS some other dude out there who’s ever willing to do it for you. Again, as always, this is my personal opinion.
I’m not saying go out there and go cheat on your partner, I’m just saying…

Fuck, what AM I trying to say???!!!

Let’s get back to that one a bit later.

Here’s a fantasy most woman have:
(Painting a picture)

The most beautiful man you’ve ever laid your eyes on, strong arms, throbbing cock and a voice that melts you, picks you up effortlessly & thrusts you against the wall.
As he cups your ass you wrap your legs around his waist as he slides his cock inside you.

His head buried in your neck, your hands in his hair.

He moans as his shaft slides deeper & deeper into your wet folds. The intensity builds up as your back pounds against the wall and you feel the penetration fucking you into the next fucking century! As you feel your climax rolling in, he slows down and grips your ass tighter. Your moans fuel him to keep pounding. The scent of sex urges your climax to make its appearance.

He shoves a finger up your ass and that’s when you want to release but you can. Your brain, pussy & ass are being fucked at the same time and your body shakes with anticipation of your pending climax.


He removes his finger and pounds you harder.

Your world falls apart as you climax all around him.

Now that’s what I call being fucked good and solid!


Can I go change my panties quick?

I’ll be back with ‘Make love to me’.


Smooches xxx

Games We Play: Game 2

Challenges & Dares

If you came across a stranger, and you felt an immediate connection,

Would you:
Allow yourself to indulge?
Enjoy a little guilty pleasure?


Would you rather not venture into murky waters?
Resist your craving for spontaneity?

Well I say you only fucking live once and if you’re too afraid then yes you will always fucking regret not knowing.
The what ifs will always linger in the back of your lonely mind and fuck you from the inside out!

Its always good to challenge yourself. Dare yourself to be bolder, sexier and more open to things you thought you’d never do in millions years!

Get off your fucking ass, get out there and live a little! Be spontaneous and get out of that rut you call a comfort zone.

Your mind is a funny little fucker.
It gives you all sorts of ideas. Telling you “Do it!”, screaming at you “Take the Fucking chance!”
Then it turns a complete 360 and tells you, “No, Don’t!”

Word of advice which I have previously given…

Shove that little voice to the furthest corner in your mind and tell it to get fucked!

If this stranger takes you from 0-100 in 3 minutes, wet your panties while he/she is in different fucking time zone, make you feel their presence without being in the same room then ‘Hell Fucking Yeah!’

Take that chance coz babe its the best FUCKING feeling!

No-one can Challenge or Dare you.
Only you can! You have to open yourself up to the endless possibilities to fulfilling your deepest fantasy.

Spanks, Licks, Wanks & Blows till next time…

Yours Always

Mrs_Smut 😉

Games We Play: Game 1

Sex Toys are a very important part of ‘Spicing’ things up in the bedroom.

But where the Fuck do you start?

We started with a Clit Stimulator. It was meant only for the clit, but me, I experimented with it in my pussy and l loved it up my ass! Not to mention having it up my ass while being Fucked!


This is the whole point of Sex Toys. You need to experiment!!!

Try new things with toys. A Dildo for example is not only meant for Fucking your pussy but can be used for anal play as well.

If you’re still an anal virgin I suggest (& this is my personal opinion) that you try using a Dildo or Vibrator first.

Anal penetration can hurt if you don’t take your time and ease into it.

BTW, if your partner says he knows what his doing and your not comfortable with the way his leading then tell him to go FUCK HIMSELF! Remember, this is YOUR ass and YOU need to give instruction on how far YOU’RE willing to go.

If you’ve had enough anal play while still in the ‘beginning stages’, then tell your partner you’ve had enough. If he wants more then give him the Vibrator or Dildo and tell him again, “go FUCK YOURSELF!”

Remember, YOU are in control. YOU know your limit, not your partner. If he wants to feel his little bit of Heaven up your ass then he has to play by YOUR rules!

There is no right or wrong way when experimenting with anal play. One things for sure, you have to trust your partner. YOU have to be in control the first few times till your used to it.

Once your used to ‘the ass invasion’ & your anus has accommodated his cock, Babe, there is no Fucking greater feeling, having an orgasm during anal penetration.

Most important piece of advice I can give:


Maybe try a butt plug first. This will get your anus used to having an ‘invader’.

Once you’re relaxed & comfortable with that, go for, as mentioned before, a Dildo or Vibrator.
Once again:

Once you’re used to penetration, now comes the fun part, try the REAL DEAL.

There is no best position for first timers. Try different ones…

There are a few that I’ve read up on like;
Riding him front to front (CowGirl Style)
Riding him back to front (CowGirl in Reserve)
Doggy Style
Spooning Position, etc…

Spooning worked for me. Fucking loved it this way! Once his cock made himself comfy I could take him in any position after ward.

So try different styles, different toys and if you’re gonna go the different partners route, be safe and wear a FUCKING RUBBER!

Spanks, Licks, Wanks & Blows till next time 😉

Smooches xxx


Pussy Power

I’m dedicating this post to the infamous Mrs_X.

I’ve been trying to get her to change lanes. Cross over to her dark side. Well, well, well… She requested that I write something about ‘Pussy Power’.

These are my thoughts.

Men in general believe that they can conquer any pussy.

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret…

The only conqueror of any pussy is us women!!!

We know what turns us on, how we want to be touched and what stimulates that clit.

So, if you’re a guy then I hope you’re taking notes coz here goes!

Firstly, the ‘Pussy’ is a women’s most prized possession. Treat it like the crown jewels. (Every pun intended)

Don’t just dive into it. You need to get that pussy wet first.

Start by rubbing her over her panties. Slowly & gently. Cup her with the palm of your hand and move back and forth. Remove your hand and use one finger to run over her folds.

Use two fingers and rub soft circles over a clit. By now she’d be ‘ALMOST’ putty in your hands.

Now, slip your hand under her panties. Don’t let her feel your whole hand yet. It keeps the anticipation going.

With one finger, circle her entrance and move toward her clit. Keep movements slow at first.

Guys I hope you’re still taking notes and not taking a wank while reading this. You can jack off later. You need to get that pussy wet remember?

Take two fingers and rub her clit a bit harder than before. She should be wanting you deep inside her by now. But you’re not going to do that right?

What you are going to do is take that same two fingers and move back down toward her entrance ‘to your heaven’ and dip one tip of your finger inside. Take that juices and move it up to her clit and repeat by dipping two finger tips inside now.

She’ll tell you that she wants you to fuck her now and yes you are going to want her to see God! But hold off for a bit longer…

Now, its time to eat that PUSSY!

Go down on her. IMPORTANT: No Hands Needed!!!

Only use your hands to spread her legs apart. What you should see is, the raise of the fucking sun shining out of her pussy.

Your tongue on her clit acts as a fucking launch button. She’s needs this. She wants this and she has to fucking have this.

Lap up her juices with your entire tongue wit added pressure. Dip the tip of your tongue inside and then trace it up to her clit.


Lick around her clit. Lick between her folds and then go back up and press down on her clit and rub it with your tongue. With quick movement, thrust your tongue as deep as you can inside her.

Take it out and blow over her pussy starting from the top of her clit to her anus.

Thrust your tongue in and out. Then and only then will you take your thumb and press down on her clit. While holding down on her clit, place two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Hope you brought your surfboard coz the wave that will CUM from that Pussy deserves to be driven 😉

Hope this helps!

Spanks, Licks, Blows & Wanks till next time.


Hello World!!

Sooooo….. I guess I should start off with Hi!

So…. Hi.

Now that we have that covered, I’d like to introduce myself to you. Yes, I’m sure you are expecting something along the lines of… I’m Mrs_Smut. I’m happily married and I have 2 kids. Well, that’s exactly who I am but WAIT…

There’s more!!! A whole LOT MORE!!!

I love reading Erotic/Smut/Romance Novels and I love telling people what I’ve read, so I’ve figured, instead of me having to repeat myself, everyone can cum (please don’t excuse the pun) here and read for themselves. I go through books quite quick so I’m hoping to keep this blog updated at least once a day.

I’ll be sharing my favorite things like:

  • Sex Positions
  • Favorite Sex Locations
  • Lubricants and Toys
  • The do’s & the don’ts
  • My Personal Opinion
  • Foreplay
  • Reality vs Fantasy
  • etc (Smut After Dark)

I hope you all enjoy what I’m putting out there.

For now I’ll leave you with a quote from the book that inspired me to strip myself naked ….

There are tens of thousands of women out there not much different from me and I want them to know that life’s too short to live it with the blinds closed. The world is out there, this glorious world. Look out the window.” ~ The Neighbor Experiment.

Signing off for now


In the privacy of your kindle 

BDSM vs The World

Hiya you sexy smutty beings,

How goes things?
I know, fucking ok, its been a fuuuuucking long time. I mean really, shit happens. It’s called life. Yeah yeah (I can hear the bitching and moaning).
I have a question though and to my defence, this may be why I have been away for while.
Question (This is regional – Cape Town)
Why is it so fuckng hard to find someone in the BDSM world for my guy to explore with. (because I cannot, for obvious reasons. We are in a relationship of sorts)
So, here’s my dilemma.
There is 0-none places you can go to, to have have fun in this world.
There is 0-none sites (Genuine sites) to check out where like minded people can go to explore. To start out. To be taught.
Are there any Doms/Dommes out there not trying to fill their pockets doing something they love? Everything is comes at a cost which I don;t mind but jeez these people are crazy!! We’re not about to help you pay your bond / mortgage.
My guy and I have been collectors of sorts over the past 2.5 years. From strap ons to drilling holes in my garage walls so that we can explore together.
The dichotomy (his go to word) is this.
Before him I was a Domme. I would perform in “the house” (I cannot name where, who or what I was doing in said house)
Anyway, Fastforward my life through my divorce and with almost teen kids, that was a thing of the past.
Here I am now with a guy that finally shares the same interests. We click. We Match. Problem is we were in a relationship first before my other side appeared. He loved it when I finally introduced it. I started off slowly. Fucking him anally first with fingers. Then introducing a plastic friend and that friends invited other friends and those friends invites there best mates.
Fast forward 2 years and I am at a point I cannot take him on his journey of curiosity any further. Because of our relationship and the fact that we love each other I need someone else to step in and give him what I cannot because I love him way too much.
He’s the chirpy kind. Professional and an intellect and I want to ring his neck most days.
My problem is, I cannot treat him as my sub. HE WILL NOT UNDERSTAND. I know his career, understand his family dynamics, know his lifestyle. Take me out if the equation and he will then have to (as one would say) “Suck it up butter cup.”
So, question is…. Where do I find a place or someone to help him through his journey and before you call me a selfish cunt, this is not OUR journey. It is HIS. He needs to get through it. I have been there and I cannot go back as long as our relationship is alive and kicking.
1.) I send him on his merry way for him to explore on his own?
2.) I guide him through his journey?
3.) I have someone teach him with under my supervision? (I feel this is selfish and I’ll tarnish the process)
The answer is easy… 2 or 3. Right?
The BDSM world do not have room for couples like us. I am their gray area. They do not like people like me. I mess with their OCD. Their structure. Their System. Their control.
So what to do???
Dare I ask say that times are changing?
Dare I say the rules should be relaxed?
There is nothing out there for people like me…
Or should I say, ‘Watch this space’.
#Spanks #Licks #Wanks & #Blows
No longer Mrs S…

Is he ready?

With his knees taking strain, she drags him across the room. She stops in front of the stairs leading up to the second story where his fate awaits. A collar tightening around his neck as she pulls him toward her. His eyes stinging as pressure builds. His breathing slows. His face red as heat runs through his veins. Right there, the tension in the room weighed heavy. Was this beginning of the end for for them? Would be still be find time to be lovers? What would they be moving forward. Would she be Mistress first and Babe second?

Standing behind him, she raised her foot to his back. All he could feel was a sharp edge digging into his back. Pushing him forward, his chest tensing as he fell into the first few stairs. HIs eyes bulging not sure why she would do this to him. Cause him this pain.

In the nic of time she caught him as she tugged his collar to soften his fall. Not nearly the outcome he thought might be. She had a heart after all.

She popped the whip around his neck a few times and tears poured down his face. She licked his tears then smacked him. Hard. Again and Again. Her hand burning as his pain gave her pleasure. Releasing his neck she pushed his face against the cold tiles on the stairs. Holding on to the wall and side rails her heels dug into him pushing his chest harder and harder against the stairs. She heard him cry out. She was relentless. Her words as always was…. “Suck it up buttercup”.

His head spinning. not knowing what to do. Think. Say.

All he had to do was accept.

Was he ready?

Me. My secret place.

Her phone buzzed. She knew it was probably that time. Something exploded inside her. She knew it was him. She knew what he wanted. She was rarely wrong. He want her. To have him. All of him. Abuse him. He wanted her to hear him cry out. He wanted to beg her to stop.

Her thumb against her screen, she didn’t want him to know she wanted the same. She made him wait for her response. As always she made him wait. She could almost taste his anticipation. Vibration tingling her hand as another text appeared on her locked screen.

“Need you. Are you available today?”

“I want you. Inside me. I am on my knees. I am yours. Take me where you want me to be. All of me.”

She wanted him to stew in his thoughts. She would never give her power away. She would never show her weakness.



“Mrs S! Where the fuck are you?! We have a client asking for you. You could at least extend your kindness with a response” Thats what the house master said.

She said “Why? He has fours hours due to him.”

Fast forward 3 hours.

His body shining. Well oiled. On his knees. Arms cuffed behind his back. Head bowed. Hips chained to rope attached to the ceiling. They way she love him to be. Immobile.

This is his position. This is his destiny. This is her wish.

She lifts his head. Their eyes lock and he sees her need. He craves her with every inch his cock rises.

His cock rises.

First minute of punishment. With one swift swing of her riding crop she smacks his cock. He is not allowed to rise. Nor his cock until she is ready. Her finger gripping his long salt and peppers. He knew he was in trouble as these 4 hours would not be spent in silence. It would be the hardest time to endure without hating her.

My pleasure. Your pain

Be quiet. Listen. Feel. Accept. 
Watch me. Taste me. Lift your arms. 
His anticipation has increased since being able to watch. He’s not sure if he is coming or going. For the moment he’s laying there. In my pool of cum. Yes. I fucked him first. I prefer it this way. Why? What if deny him a cock orgasm but demand him to have an anal orgasm. 
The plan is to have him cum on command. 
We’re working on it. For now. He has to be content with what I give him. He’s like me to take it further. It’s like he wants to get to the end point quicker. 
That’s no fun. I’d like to take my time. Thank you very much. Tape tied around his neck, twisted around his arms held up then tied to his cock. More tape around his cock tied to his ankles. Yes. This is how he should be. Bound. 
All he can do is watch. Watch me fuck his painful cock. My pleasure in his pain. 

Let me in…

I want to tie you up. Wrists and ankles bound. Your arse in the air. Waiting for me. Wanting me. You’re blind folded. I hear you breathing. The rhythm slightly hitched. 
Your uncertainty. Anticipation. This gets me off. 
You’ve never seen me this way. Never heard or felt me dominate. Brushing your arse with my whip. Your arse twitches. There’s a moan passing your lips. A slight scream in the pillow. 
My hand brushes up your inner thigh. You feel a sting from a smack filled with lube. 
I’ve invited a friend. I’m sure you’ll like him. 
As I hold him firmly in the palm of my right hand, my left hand placed in the center of your back. Pushing you down. You hear me say…
Shhhh. Breathe in. 
As if in an instant your arse is filled. There’s a burn. Hard and deep inside you. As my friend pushes in you hear me say…. breathe out as I fill you. Your muscles relax.  
There you go… feel that pleasure. That pain. Listen to my voice. Take it in. 
Your belt around your neck. Wrapped around my wrist as I pull you into me. Your arse now empty. But wait. There’s more. My strap on is waiting. 
Waiting for you to take him all in as I fuck you hard. With everything I’ve got. 
My name pours from your lips. Tears burning to flow from your eyes. But you can’t. You’ve got to take it like a man. 
Here you are vulnerable. Wanting more. Wanting to stop. Your need to keep going. You forcing my hand. 
This is where you fall to your knees and say… take me. Fuck me. With you on your knees. Your palms facing up. Ready to accept all I have to give. 
Is not where it ends… 

Lana said it best

The other woman has time to manicure her nails
The other woman is perfect where her rival fails
And she’s never seen with pin curls in her hair, anywhere.
The other woman enchants her clothes with French perfume
The other woman keeps fresh cut flowers in each room
There are never toys that’s scattered everywhere
And when her old man comes to call
He finds her waiting like a lonesome queen
‘Cause to be by her side
It’s such a change from old routine
But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep
The other woman will never have his love to keep
And as the years go by the other woman
Will spend her life alone

Yes Please…

Stubble that has just gone past it’s sell by date.

My imagination running wild.

Imagining your hands cupping my ass. Feeling your warm breath gently moving over my torso.


All I want are your moist lips on my cunt.

Your fingers pushing into my ass pulling me into you. Gentle pricks of pleasure grazing against my sensitive skin. Sensations moving around my clit mixed with the soft moist lick of your tongue and the burn of your semi beard.

This are ‘yes please’ moments…

#Spanks #Licks #Wanks & #Blows

Mrs S…

Tell me…

I am me. I want to be me. I need time. I suppose I need to heal. I may need more. I don’t know. For now this is it. 
What is more? Tell me… The randomness of it all. Instant gratification? Is that it? 
Life should be more. This should be more. I should me more. 
Things have changed. I have changed. Am I stuck in limbo? Is this what it is? 
It shouldn’t be. What happened to ‘ O deserve more?’
What happened to me?
Am I entitled to more?
What happened? 
Tell me…

Do you know who she really is?

She’s powerful. She has a heart of gold. She loves. She laughs. She’s independent. She gives. She shares. She a fixer. She’s human. She cries. She hurts. She has scars. Mommy scars. She loves them. You might now. Every mark. Every bump. Untoned. Voluptuous. Full breasts. She loves them. They might not be where they were 10 years ago. That’s ok. They fed her children. She lives loud. Loves deeply. Plays hard. She’ll never settle yet she gives the benefit of the doubt. She’ll hold on till her fingers bleed. And still she’ll hold on. She might show signs of giving up. She’s still holding on. She’s a dreamer. She’s an optimist. She controls the boardroom with one look. She sighs when he kids disobey her. She’s super mom. She’s an awesome boss. She gives her all and then some. She wants more. She’ll never give less. She’s afraid. She cares. She wants to be loved. She has so much to give. She given it all. And her heart. She hasn’t given up. She wants more with nothing in return. She won’t give up. She lives to be kissed. Hands in her hair. Body against his. She’s addicted to orgasms. She needs it. She craves it. 

She no illusion of what you might think she is. 
She is me…

Let me feel you

Come lay next to me. Pull me into you… Let me feel your cock push up against my ass. 
Your cool hand making its way inside my pajama pants. Pushing through my thighs you part my legs.
I hear you moan slightly when you feel how wet I am.

There’s no foreplay. None needed. 
You flip me onto my tummy. My pajama pants now pulled all the way down and off. Fuck I can’t wait to feel you inside me.
I feel the tip of your head moving down the slit of my ass. I feel him at my entrance. I want you to go in. But you don’t.
I lift my ass so that your cock would slide in but instead of the sensation of your cock penetrating my pussy I felt your hands in my hair pulling me back. Your head still at the entrance of my cunt. I swear you could feel my heart beat down there. But there it was. Your hand connected with my ass. The burning tingles left me breathless. The moment your hand left my ass your cock pounded into me
I came and came over and over.
Fuck I need you to come too.
Writing this is not helping the throb in my cunt go away.
I want you to cum. Hard and deep inside me. Your hands pull me to my knees. 
Your hand wrapped in my hair again. Your other hand on my shoulder pulling me in to take you deeper. 
You flip me onto my back. My legs over your shoulders. Your cock so very deep now.

My eyes close as I feel you twitch inside me. You want me to see you cum. Demanding me to keep them open. 
My eyes locked onto your gorgeous eyes. 
I heard you whisper. ‘Every drop is for you’. 
Then you came hard. My warm wet cunt fill with your hotness squeezing your cock. You made the most beautiful sound.

For now…

I’m walking toward you while your playing. Those sticks in your hands REALLY turn me on. Lifting your head just a bit, you greet me with a wink and smirk. I melt instantly. All I see is this beautiful masculine alpha male in front of me. You have no idea the things you do to me.

As I lift one leg over your lap, all I hear are your sticks hitting the floor. I sense your excitement as you grab me by the waist and pull me down toward you.

As I tilt my head down toward your neck, I gently and ever so slowly nibble your ear. I hear a soft moan pass your lips as you tighten your grip around my waist…

My hands slowly move down those strong sweaty arms as your lips gently brush against mine, almost teasing. A culmination of weeks of intensity explodes through me as we enjoy the most sensual kiss I’ve ever experienced. Your grip tightens around my back and my hardened nipples brush up against you. 

I think of you savouring my hot pussy through my panties until they become so wet you can lick up my honey right through the material…then peel them aside and run your tongue all up and down and around that slippery, dew covered slit. Then you’ll slide those panties off me, spread my cunt open with one hand so you can spank my clit with your cock. 

We all want things we can’t have… But when we get a brief taste of something hot and delicious….all we can do is devour it crave more. 

For now…


You were behind me. ‘The thought of being between your legs kills me’
This is how it went…
As you were washing my back, one hand came around my waist, pulling me closer… As you moved my hair to the side, I felt your lips on my shoulder, slowly moving your way up to my neck. 
I felt your hand tracing down slowly past my navel. 
As your kisses sent shivers down my spine… I felt the top of your finger teasing my clit… I wanted MORE…
And as if you knew, I felt you pushing down and it slid inside me.
I said more…
You gave me MORE…
Two fingers this time…
You started stroking and I felt my thighs lifting…
I said more…
You gave me MORE…
The third finger went in and I felt my ‘O’ closing in…
You brought your other hand around my waist. Two fingers rubbing and pressing on my clit and three inside me…
Trust me babe… When I say…
As I came…
The only thing on my mind…
Was you…
Because thinking of you makes me soooo wet, I want you to imagine how in a moment from now, I’ll be putting my hand in my panties again… my clit slick and wet just thinking of you… and I’ll be rubbing my juices up and down my pussy, slicking it all over that hot flesh…while I think of taking you into my mouth..thinking of your hard shaft. That heat that makes my cunt throb. I want you to think of the motion of my tongue as your cock slides in and out between my moist lips.
I want your cock throbbing and dripping. The thought of you cumming as you think of me only makes me want you more. I’m going to promise you when I cum… I’ll be thinking of you, pounding your rock hard cock until you erupt like a fountain…and it will be for me…all of it for me…dedicated to me…only me…and in your mind I want you to see me kneeling, naked…. While you cum in my mouth I want it to truly be for me…with me on your mind…then do me this small favor… as you crest your peak in delicious shivers of pleasure…promise to cum for me again

Good Morning

Good morning to the reason why I woke up throbbing this morning. 
I could almost feel you inside me. Your hands on me. Your teeth gently grazing my nipples. Your tongue drawing circles around them…
I want you inside me. Your cock pressing down on my clit. I can almost feel you peeling my panties away. Your cock twitching against my already moist lips waiting in anticipation for you to part them. 
I could almost feel your head inside inside me. My eyes open. Looking at you. Wanting you to go in. Deep inside me. My clit painfully aching. Wanting that pressure against it.  
You make your way through my warm wet walls. One hand in my hair. One hand cupping my arse as you dominate me with your shaft. 
I can almost feel myself cuming just thinking about it.

addicted (./,) am I (./?)


noun: addiction; plural noun: addictions
  1. the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.
    “he committed the offence to finance his drug addiction”
noun: friendship
  1. the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
    “old ties of love and friendship”

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three words

Love you forever


The most important things in life can be condensed into three-word sentences. I’ve heard it said that when people are faced with their mortality, they turn to these three-word sentences in a bid to absolve themselves of their sins, to make the transition into the afterlife easier or to simply ensure in some way that they live on. That they are never forgotten. We all want to leave a legacy behind, right?

My grandfather for all intents and purposes was my father figure. I still deify him and if I’m ever described as a gentleman or simply a good person, that credit is due to him. Oupa Willie once told me that if I wanted to live forever I simply had to teach someone something. Then for as long as they used that piece of information, for as long as it lived, I’ll live. I know what he said is…

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the past

My cousins ramblings. Love him much


Today is day 3 of battling Bronchitis at home. I’ve had my fill of being home alone all this time and inevitably I’ve started tackling projects that have been left incomplete for some time.  The latest is tackling an old wardrobe in the spare room, where I came across an old journal of mine.  Reading through it i felt a twang of “what an idiot!”.  I giggled a little and then i found myself thinking I’ve changed so much and yet more than this, I’ve remained the same.  I’m actually a bit embarrassed to admit that.

I found two poems dating back to 2009… I don’t actually want to call it poems.  More like random thoughts, but I couldn’t come up with a word to describe random thoughts except dementia, and even that didn’t sound or feel right…

Anyhoo the following is verbatim as is penned in the journal.


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Here’s to you… 

My first blog post under my own name…

To new beginnings. 
There was a time I had the dirtiest mouth. The filthiest thoughts would consume my mind. I’d like to think these things still are evident but I have to say they’re becoming less as the months pass by.
Last year was the hardest year. I got divorced. Had to get used the fact I’m now alone with my kids. I’m mom and dad. Changed jobs. It’s been manic.
Noticed I haven’t used the word fuck once yet?! Ok well, now I did. 
Aaaanyway… Moving back to last year. Last year I met awesome people. Had amazing orgasms and I’d like to think they enjoyed it too. Otherwise, they would STILL text or want more right?
Long story short. I met ‘what I’d like to think’ is my soulmate. 
We had the most amazing conversations. We’ve shed so many tears for each other. Missed each other. Kissed. And let me say this. Everytime we touched, there was intense electricity that jolted through us. Everytime we kissed we wanted to rip each other apart. Until finally one day we fucked. I’ll be the first to admit. We did not make love. It was raw. Intense. The next morning I was blue all over. My body felt as if I was thrown from the top floor of that penthouse suite and I could move for a day. Delicious pain when through my body like a wrecking ball everything I moved a limb. 
That next day, I lost part of me.
That day, I lost my best friend.
That day, when he penetrated me for the first time after months of wet panties and him being a walking hardon, we made the biggest mistake of our lives. 
For those who’ve read Scarred. You’ll know what I’m talking about.
Now, as I sit here writing this, I still want my friend back. I’ve texted him putting in my request for our friendship. This was his response. 
‘I won’t survive it.’
That moment. My heart was ripped from my chest. That moment our friendship was lost forever. 
All these events led to the death of Mrs. S…
When Mrs. S… Thoughts became my reality. 
I will now write to as me. 
Thanks to all of you for your support over the years. 
Here’s to you…
As always,
#Spanks, #Licks, #Wanks & #Blows


It is with a sad heart we bid Mrs S farewell.

The past few months her presence was limited. She’s finished all her books will be publish. These books will be made available at no cost. Her way of saying thank you. 

We thank her followers whom have motivated her endlessly and to her friends who’ll surely miss her.

We love you.

Two bodies left spent…

I haven’t met him. Haven’t touched him or even tasted him yet. I haven’t looked into his eyes or felt them pierce through me. I haven’t smelt his scent yet I’m sure it will melt me.

Images of his hands on me. His lips on mine and breath on my skin.

For someone you don’t know to consume your thoughts at a pace you struggle to keep up with as you fear you’ll lose your sanity.

The ache he leaves between your legs leaves you breathless each day. It makes you want him more. It makes you have to buy clean underwear! Dreams of him filling you. His gorgeous face watching you as you cum for him. Feeling his hands on your back as he pulls you in. As he pushes himself deeper inside you. His balls moving against your clit as he pounds into you from behind. The way he gently pulls your hair as he takes what he needs to bring him to his own climax while you’re experiencing multiple orgasms ripple through your body. The way he shatters you as he erupts deep inside you. When he gives you those last strokes before he collapses onto you being careful not to hurt you.

Two bodies left spent.

And as you lay there… In this haze of sensuality. Your mind wanders and you feel yourself drifting….


The best part?

You feel your heartbeat slowing down. Your breathing less strenuous. Your eyelids feeling heavy.

You still feel him inside you…

Be my Santa Fucking Clause #SitOnHisLap

She thinks of him as he sits at his desk. Trying hard to concentrate on the matter at hand. The way his eyes move over his screen. The way is fingers works it’s magic over the keyboard. Would those fingers work its magic on her the same way it captures everything that comes to mind?

She wonders what his face would look like had she announced herself at the door. What he’d say had she walked toward him. To his side of the desk.

Moved his chair so that he’s now facing her. What he’d do if she went to her knees. Would he object if she tried to free him from his constraints? Would he let her hold him in her hand. Stroke him. Caress him. Would he keep eye contact with her?

Would he tangle his fingers in her dark hair and show her what he wants? Would he let her take him in?

When he’s near explosion, would he let her straddle him? After all, he could be father fucking Christmas.

Would he mind exploding inside her. Giving her everything he’s got? Every drop. Would his fingers dig into her thighs as he fills her…